The Springboard Sitebuilder

The Springboard Sitebuilder puts you in complete control! With a unique product offering and a streamlined sales and support process, this solution has been put together exclusively to give you a simple, profitable way to sell websites to small and mid sized businesses. The Springboard Sitebuilder allows you to:

  • Slash web development time and expenses 
  • Easily provide advanced content editing and site management features.
  • Reduce time spent on support & maintenance.   
The Springboard Sitebuilder makes websites...

   Easy To Sell:

By providing professional, attractive and full featured websites with low startup costs and very reasonable monthly fees, you'll make it very easy for your clients to say "Yes". For you, there is no need to spend countless hours creating proposals and scheduling multiple meetings, it's a simple matter to create a quick live demo site for your client in order to show off the impressive capabilities. "Seeing is believing", so forget about selling and let the product sell itself!

As a reseller, you can create unlimited Springboard Sitebuilder demos in seconds and at no additional cost to you. When you've sold a site and are ready to launch it, simply fill out a simple online form to activate the new website.

   Easy To Create:

A full interactive website complete with animated Flash elements can be put together in literally minutes. We're not talking about simple template publisher sites but uniques designs that you and your clients will be able to call your own.

The entire site can be configured and created from one central admin panel and includes a simple but powerful content editor. There are no complex options to configure; the sitebuilder comes with everything you need, setup and ready to go. This includes extras like a built in contact manager, calendar, shopping cart, news module, blog editor, photo gallery, ad banner manager and more!

   Easy To Support:

We have made it simple for you to support your clients by taking a proactive approach to support.

First, we've insured that the sitebuilder is extremely easy for your customers to use and administer. Every new feature that is added is analyzed for ease of use to insure that support issues are minimized.  In addition, your clients get access to online FAQs and product documentation that makes it easy for them to get the answers they need when they need it.

Lastly, we've gone the very important extra step in helping to support your Springboard Sitebuilder customers directly. There is a support ticketing system built right into the user control panel which allows your customers to contact us directly for technical support issues. This is a huge time savings for you, and allows you to spend more of your time on activities that generate revenue for your business! All support questions are handled anonymously so that we appear as your extended staff to your own clients.


Pro Launch Website Solutions

All Springboard Sitebuilder Sites Include:

  • Attractive Professional Designs
  • Simple Admin Control Panel
  • Web Page Content Editor
  • Customer Contact Manager
  • Custom Form Capabilities
  • Online Calendar Module
  • Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
  • Photo Gallery Module
  • Ad Banner Manager
  • News Module
  • Blog Module
  • Simple Web Traffic Reports
  • Reliable Web Hosting
  • Business Class Email
  • Unlimited Support

Instant Sites:

It takes less than 5 minutes to setup a new site complete with an attractive design and layout and with all required pages. All of the following demo sites were completed from start to finish in less than 20 minutes including simple customizations and content creation. Once your site is up and running it's a simple matter to add pages and content!

Demo1   |  Demo 2   |  Demo 3   | Demo 4