The Springboard Sitebuilder Puts You in Control

The Springboard Sitebuilder is a powerful development tool that enables you to quickly build and deploy captivating, full featured websites. With our user friendly sitebuilder package, anyone can produce and maintain an attractive, professional and cost effective website that goes beyond the basics and provides real business functionality. Best of all, the Springboard Sitebuilder is designed to put you in control. From one uncomplicated control panel you have access to every area of your website. You decide when to make design changes, when to view reports and when to post content updates. You will embrace the freedom that the sitebuilder design tools offer and you will savor the ability to master your own website.

Have your Springboard Reseller professionally design your site for you or use the powerful built-in design tools to create it yourself. In either case, your new website will provide advanced features and functionality that will inspire you and empower your business.


  • Attractive Professional Designs
  • Simple Admin Control Panel
  • Calendar
  • Paypal ® Enabled Shopping Cart
  • Photo Gallery
  • Ad Banner Manager
  • Web Page Content Editor
  • Customer Contact Manager
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Web Traffic Reports
  • Web Hosting Included
  • Business Class Email Included
  • Unlimited Support
  • View Detailed Feature Descriptions


One of the biggest problems with most small business websites is the fact that they rarely get updated or properly put to use. The simple reason for this is that keeping most sites up to date can be a difficult, frustrating and time consuming process. The result is that updates simply don’t get done and sites end up with outdated information, broken links and little useful functionality.

This is why we cannot emphasize enough the importance of our best feature, the sitebuilder interface itself. The simplicity in design, ease of use and a control panel that’s actually a joy to use mean that you will be inspired to work with your web site and you can easily tap into the incredible potential that the built-in features provide. With the capability to effectively manage your own website comes the ability to fully benefit from the opportunities that the web can provide.

Business Class Email

Business class email hosting means email that is fast, reliable and secure. We have gone above and beyond what most web hosting companies provide to insure that all of our hosted solutions include world class, enterprise quality email. The fact is that there is a difference in email hosting and you can do a lot to protect your business, reduce costs and improve your overall efficiency with better email solutions.

Your business class email includes built-in Spam Shield Pro which will save you from wasting countless hours sorting through spam and other unwanted junk email. In addition, every email account includes commercial grade Anti-Virus protection which helps to prevent data loss and  computer problems by stopping viruses before they hit your inbox.


The real key to long term success is knowledge and expert guidance. When you launch your Springboard sitebuilder website you are getting a lot more than just a web site. You will be establishing a long term relationship with a group of people dedicated to your success.

While the Springboard sitebuilder is designed to give you power and control over your own online presence, you can take comfort in the fact that doing it by yourself doesn't have to mean going it alone. We are always available to support you in any capacity that you need, whether it's answering a simple technical question or managing the entire project for you.