The Springboard Reseller Program

For an affordable one-time setup cost of only $195 and a modest $19 monthly program fee you will have access to everything you need to begin creating and selling websites to small businesses and organizations of all types. See the box below for an overview of programs and applications you'll have access to as a reseller.

Reseller Program Membership Highlights:

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Springboard Sitebuilder - Sites in seconds & unlimited FREE demos [-]

New sites can be setup in literally seconds! Then just point and click your way to custom sites that look great and incorporate sophisticated features and functionality. Features like blogs, calendars, photo galleries, ad banners and more can be added to your site with the click of a mouse. A fully functional paypal enabled shopping cart is even included at no additional charge.

From your admin control panel you can create an unlimited number of demo sites for your clients. No setup or hosting fees apply no matter how many demos you have created. When you've sold a site to your client it's a simple process to convert any demo account into a paid client site. Your control panel also offers direct access to all of your Springboard Sitebuilder client sites making maintenance and updates a breeze!

Pro Launch Builder - $1,000 in free plug-ins with every site [-]

The Pro Launch Builder is a branded version of Soholaunch, a commercially available content management system. Springboard Resellers pay just a fraction of the normal setup costs on each and every Pro Launch site. We are developers of commercial ProLaunch / Soholaunch plugins and offer you unlimited use of most of our plugins as well as a number of 3rd party plugins all at no charge. In total, you receive access to over $1,000 of commercial plugins on each of your sites at no additional cost to you. In addition, our reseller program provides you with enhanced support and access to our own developers and designers if you prefer to outsource template creation and design.

The powerful and easy to use platform combined with a huge number of available plugins means that there is almost no site you can't handle. You can probably see why we think our reseller program is clearly the best Soholaunch reseller hosting option available.

Create 100% custom site designs: If you know a little HTML, some basic CSS, and can get around in a graphic application like photoshop, you know everything you need to know to create custom Pro Launch templates. If you don't, that's OK too. You can choose from one of the many built in templates or you can even us our internal designers to outsource your design projects.

PromoCart - Instant E-commerce Sites [-]

The PromoCart platform is our ultimate e-commerce platform. It includes everything you need to get your clients store online quickly and includes just about every feature you could want in a web based store. Best of all these sites look great and are ready to go as soon as we install the software on your site. No design and programming skills are required. You can easily customize the look and feel of your site through easy to use control panels and product setup and store configuration is a snap with the clear and easy to use control panels.

FREE Personalized Springboard Sitebuilder Marketing Site [-]

You will receive a "ready to rock" Springboard Sitebuilder marketing website which includes Springboard Sitebuilder sales information for potential clients. This site will be updated with your own contact information and any requests for information sent through the site will be sent directly to your own email address. This site is live as soon as your program setup is complete and is designed to help your business hit the ground running! Reseller Sitebuilder Marketing Site.

Unlimited priority support [-]

When your reseller account is activated you will be given login access to the online reseller support system. This system provides priority support through a ticketing system which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This system also provides easy access to support documents and your invoicing and billing history.

Access to marketing materials and promotional programs [-]

In addition to the marketing site already mentioned, we also develop marketing materials and sales programs that you may use to help sell your sites and educate your customers. Ready to print brochures are available for Springboard Sitebuilder and Pro Launch platforms. Personalize these with your own information and easily distribute electronically or by mail.

Negotiated discounts on 3rd party products and services [-]

We are constantly looking for ways to improve value to our resellers and one way we do this is by negotiating discounts on 3rd party products and services for our active members. In most instances we do not profit from these affiliate relationships but negotiate for best prices and pass the savings along to you as part of our services.

5 FREE Springboard Software Titles [-]

You will receive instant access to 5 useful software utilities when you signup as a reseller. Password Keeper, Link Exchange Manager, Inbound Link Detective, IP Explorer and Domain Seeker are all valuable tools designed to you help manage, promote and sell your web services.