Email Marketing Administrator 

The Professional Email Marketing Solution

Improve customer communications through our professional email marketing solution. The Email Marketing Administrator provides all of the tools you need to effectively communicate with your customers. Not only will you deliver your message more effectively, you will also gain a better understanding of your customers through detailed tracking and reporting features. This knowledge can then be put to use by precisely targeting future campaigns to increase response and profits!

Make Sure Your Message Gets Through

There are other good reasons to use the Email Marketing Administrator for your customer email communications. With more aggressive SPAM filtering in use at many ISPs, even legitimate opt-in mail is often filtered before it gets to your customers inboxes. We maintain relationships through technology partners with many ISPs to insure that your email gets through even where other solutions don't. Our system is designed to take advantage of the power of email marketing while staying completely legal and Can-Spam compliant.  

Make a Good Impression

Your new account includes custom stationary designed specifically for your business. We design your stationary to match the look and feel of your existing website and marketing materials to help reinforce your company branding. This helps to insure that your customers see at a glance that the communication is from your business and makes it much more likely that they will take the time to read your message. While each communication or newsletter can use a different layout for content they will use the same template in order to insure consistency and brand recognition. We can also create additional stationary or custom layouts if needed.

Managing Your List  

  • Create unlimited groups for organization and targeting
  • Search and segment your audience based on demographic, response data and more
  • Easily customize your database to your own needs 
  • Create personalized signup screens and confirmation emails
  • Import large lists and automatically clean them for duplicates and errors
  • Easily move members and reorganize groups
  • Export audience lists and marketing data at any time.

Creating Campaigns   


  • Create professional, stylish campaigns without needing to know HTML
  • Personalize your emails with names and more
  • Prepare HTML and text versions and deliver the right version automatically 
  • Rate and review feature checks campaigns before you send  
  • Include send-to-a-friend feature with every email
  • Recipients can manage their own preferences at any time
  • Send campaigns at any time or schedule for future delivery
  • Trigger mail campaigns can send emails based on user actions, dates or more.
  • Online document storage makes linking to documents easy, and trackable

 Tracking and Reporting


  • See real-time totals for emails:
    • Sent
    • Received
    • Opened
    • Clicked
    • Forwarded
    • Bounced
  • See who signed up and who opted out 
  • View response details for entire campaigns and individual recipients
  • Bounces and opt-outs handled automatically
  • Store campaigns and link to them from your website
  • Create instant side-by-side comparisons of multiple campaigns and their results